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donald james simpson / unbalanced

donald james simpson / unbalanced

Sanskrit Proverb

Sanskrit Proverb
Look to this day,
The very life of life,
In its brief course lies all,
The realities and verities of existence,
The bliss of growth,
The splendor of action,
The glory of power.
For yesterday is but a dream,
And tomorrow is only a vision.
But today well lived,
Makes every yesterday
A dream of happiness
And every tomorrow
A vision of hope.
Look well, therefore,
To this day.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

LBG -The Band

LBG have been around for about 6 years and is one of the pioneers of performing original music in Chennai. They performed at last 2 years of JRO (June Rock Out)where they released their full length album on July 10th 2005. They have sold over 700 Albums till date at the shows and over the Internet which has been received with rave reviews. Their musical influences range from blues to reggae to hard rock and jazz. "So we are not a metal monger type band and consider ourselves to be rock alternative."

After completion of numerous shows & tons of composing, LBG are planning to release their second album titled “Bad Children” by September 2006 which will be kicked off with a full India tour (Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkatta, Maybe somewhere in the North east, Cochin & Chennai).They are also in the process of story boarding a video and are looking to produce it soon.

"Standup & Rock" - The Hindu
"...warmed up, but it was the next band on stage — Little Babooshka's Grind — that really had everyone on their feet and gently head-banging, thanks to their individual style, which is strong on melody...."

"The Sitdown" - Deccan Chronicle
“… people were definitely not sitting down. Rather were dancing all over the place given the sheer enthusiasm of Little Babooshka’s Grind, playing originals from their upcoming second album…”

"One Night With LBG" - The Hindu
...LBG's success was a recent invitation to "Taj Coromandel presents ONE NIGHT with THE LBG". Their performance at Matchpoint explained why LBG is rated as one among the top bands in the country.

What is 'Babooskha'?
A Babooshka (Matryoshka) is a Russian nesting doll. A set of Matryoshka dolls consists of a wooden figure which can be pulled apart to reveal another figure of the same sort inside. It has in turn another figure inside, and so on. The number of nested figures is usually six or more....

What is LBG about?

5 Men who create and weave magic- Now after years of extensive hard work, innumerable shows, intense practice sessions, rock hard determination and suffering fools, LBG has reached a point where you just cant not notice. Having released their debut album, "This Animal is called the Wallet", the band realizes that spreading music means spreading the true message.

"We don’t care if people can’t accept our music because it doesn't sound like growling dogs banging your head with a ratchet or a cover that you can listen to from your mp3 collection"
Love uz, hate uz: we will not let you ignore uz!” - LBG

What you can expect at an LBG show?

Lots of high energy tunes complimented by an equally high energy performance. No talk of Satan, or death and destruction, we have enough of that in this world. This is music that has its own character matched by our in-your-face attitude of not perpetuating the lie that original music won’t get you anywhere.

“Write your own song”

Not playing covers- How we view it and how we can overcome this?

LBG understands that this has kept them away from bigger shows and bigger things, "but how long are we going to play other people's songs to prove that we are worthy? Who is the better band - Grateful Dead or Dream Theatre? Whose to judge?" says Arjun

" It just depends on the music you like and since there are not that many recognised “eclectic” rock platforms in the country the journey is that much harder, but the rock audience are becoming more and more open and that gives us the passion to rock on!!" - says Aum


The Rising South
The Rising South is a string of live performances that LBG has been/ will be organizing in and around Chennai originally started as a part of the band’s tsunami relief and now taking on a higher purpose to promote original music and original bands.

The Rising South concept essentially revolves around the idea of promoting meritorious original music and musicians distributed over South India. In the past a score of promo events had been organized in and around the city of Chennai and the concept is now ready to be taken on board a higher platform.

In keeping with recent trends among musicians and the mass audience represented by the ever increasing fan base for original Indian rock music, the Rising South provides the perfect dais for bringing excellent original music into the foreground and at the same time serve as a distinctive arena for sending out messages to the vast target audience which essentially consists of Indian youth between the ages of 18 and 30.


LBG is being backed by a professional Advertising Agency in Chennai called “MMU COMMUNICATIONS” which provides assistance in all promotional activities (PR, Hoardings, Poster Design, E-mailers, SMS Messaging, Newspapers Ads)for all our shows. We believe that it’s not just enough for a band to just come, play and then F@#k off… It’s a joint effort with the organizer to make sure that as many people come and watch the band performing. MMU communications also has an Events Division and is planning on starting a Record Label with the aim to reach music to the masses through all Major Music Stores in India.

"We pride ourselves on our ability to play originals and still put on an entertaining quality oriented act. Though not playing covers are a turn off for some organisers, we can assure you that all pro-cover organisers who have reluctantly put us on Concert Bills have been overwhelmed at the audience response and satisfaction. "

- Dheena (Manager)

LBG-The No Cover Band From Chennai India-Rocking On

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Monday, May 22, 2006

Confucious said:

Confucious said:

-instead of self-interest, think of justice.

-the virtuous does not worry about things beyond his control.

-the virtuous loves virtue; the inferior man loves material things. the virtuous seeks justice; the inferior man seeks personal favors

-the virtuous sees the strengths of others, not their weaknesses.

-the virtuous lives in harmony with others, but he does not follow the crowd.

-the virtuous is sure of himself but not arrogant. the inferior man is both arrogant and lacking self-confidence.

-the virtuous understands principle. the inferior man understands profit.

-the virtuous remains steady in times of crisis. the inferior man crumbles.

-the inferior man always denies his mistakes.

-if a person is not honest and trustworthy, what good is he?

-if you choose to live where there is no virtue, how can you become wise?

-if you strive for virtue, you will be free of evil.

-if you place responsibility over success, won't your virtue increase? if you work on your own evil rather than critizicing the evil of others, won't you overcome evil? if, out of a fit of anger, you endanger your own life as well as the lives of your parents, isn't that a case of delusion?

-speak with sincerity and honesty, be humble and respectful, and you will get along even if you live among barbarians. if someone speaks insincerely and dishonestly, and if he is not humble and respectful, then he will have trouble even among his own people.

-if you govern with laws and punishments, the people will avoid crime but will have no sense of honor or shame. if you govern by means of virtue and the rules of proper conduct (property), the people will have a sense of shame and will want to do what is right.

-if you know what is right and don't do it, you are a coward.


-to say that you know when you do know and to admit that you don't know when you don't. this is the path of knowledge.

-speaking without mistakes and acting without regrets: that is true advancement.

-if your words are grand, you will find that it is difficult for your actions to measure up to them.

-ancient warlords were valiant; the warlords of today are just hot-headed.

-if you concentrate on small gains, you will never achieve anything great.

-he who is strict with himself will rarely go wrong.

-to be poor without resentment is difficult. to be rich without arrogance is easy.

-expect much from yourself and little fron others, and you will avoid arousing resentments.


-wealth and honors obtained unjustly are but floating clouds.

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Madras University- PSG College of Technology - Coimbatore - Tamilnadu - South India - 1973-78

B.E.,- Bachelor of Engineering
Branch IV - Electronics and Communication Engineering. Selected Television, Radar and Navigational Aids, as specialized elective subjects.

Project in Microwave Antennas for final year B.E., Academics - 1978 and Morse Code Demonstrator for Silver Jubilee Science and Technology Exhibition - 1977. Member - Photographic Club, Philatelic Club and Tech Music. Involved in organizing Cultural functions.


US, UK, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia.


1995 - Till Date:
Research Associated Management Systems (1997), Innovative Sound; Light Engineering (1995), Chennai - Partner & Consultant Engineer - Business Development.

Involved in Event Management and Consultancy from Concept to Completion of recording studios, stadiums, conference halls, hotels, discos and open-air rock shows in entire South India under the banner Innovative Sound & Light Engineering.

Handling the complete management system for higher education in US ,UK along with Travel Consultancy, Visa Consultancy and Financial Planning under the banner Research Associated Management Systems.

1987 - 1995:
Sein Impex - Madras; A.G. Currimbhoy & Co., - Madras, Maharaja's Impex Pvt. Ltd., Trichy - Fuji Electronics Pvt. Ltd. Madurai, Consultant - Business Development.

Handled a complete setup including Systems, Recruitment and Training, Sales Territory and Budget, Product Management and Promotion, Brand Name and Design for Home appliances, Telecom Equipment, Office Automation Equipment, Satellite and Cable TV Equipment.

Prepared Import and Export Documentation, Organized Clearing and Forwarding procedures and Managed Customs Negotiations for Negative listed and Restricted items in Electronics and Automobile Industry.

1984 - 1987:
Tamilnadu Polytechnic - Madurai, Electrical And Electronics Engineering Department. Government Polytechnic - Krishnagiri, Electronics And Communication Engineering Department - Instructor.

Taught theory and practical for Full Time and Part Time, II; III year Diploma students. Trained them in Television Engineering; Laboratory, Electronics Lab, P.C.B. Lab and Project Works. Designed and Developed Audio Visual Laboratory and organized the introduction of new concepts in Audio Visual Method of Teaching; which increased the results in final examination from 40% to 80% pass.

Participated in Training Programmed on Research Methodology and Report Writing, conducted by Technical Teachers Training Institute at Madurai Extension Centre - 1986.

Conducted public awareness seminars, students vs officials meets through Jaycees - Krishnagiri and Madurai. Participated in all; Individual Development Courses conducted by Jaycees School of Management.

1978 - 1984:
Customize Electronics - Cochin.- Sales / Service Engineer.

Managed successfully the Marketing and After Sales Service of 'Enbee' Professional Audio Systems by identifying the Correct Market System. Launched 'Customize' special effects speakers for Theatres, Conference Halls and Hotels in Entire South India and helped the Product Management group for performance enhancement.

Operated Sound and Lights for Western Music Groups like Hijackers ,13 Ad, Wild Angels, Dada Dogs.

Directed the settling up and controlling of special sound and light effects for; Bombay Dyeing, Vimal and My Fair Lady, Fashion Shows and was covered in India's largest selling Youth Magazines 'SUN' under the caption 'One Man Mobile Disco'; - Nov. 1982 issue for these achievements.

Also worked with various leading play back singers like Jesudass, Jeyachandran, S.P.B, P.Susila, Janaki, Vani Jayaram etc., in the movie field, and people like Dr.Balamurali Krishna,Umayalpuram Sivaraman,Vikku Vinayakaram etc in Karnatic music field.

Also worked with leading music directos in special effect recording ,using multi track sync, digital recording systems.

Designed, fabricated and installed Indian and Imported professional sound and video equipment for M/s.Harisri Recording Unit and Studios and M/s.Kalabhavan Recording Studios at Cochin with Acoustic Consultancy from Concept to Completion.

Prepared the strategies for pre and post sales support for Marketing;Harisri and Kalabhavan- pre-recorded cassettes using own designed high speed duplicators. Supported with latest technical know-how for master recording and copying. Released them thorough the company's sales outlet M/s. Darshan Services at Coimbatore.

Supervised the preparation of Audio Visual Packages with Logistic of Multi Projector and Multi-Screen setup for World Renowned Mathematician - Mrs.Sakuntala Devi for her" Mind Dynamics "courses.

Organized special Outdoor Recording Equipment and worked as Chief Recording Engineer for World Renowned "Macro Photographer" Mr.K.Jayaram, B.A., A.R.P.S., A.F.I.A.P., for his Wild Life Expeditions and" Project Tiger".


Married - Spouse R.Indira , Daughter Miss.Jeevitha


* Member Aero Modeling Club, Amateur Photographers Association, Amateur Radio Federation (HAM) & Madras Motor Sports Club,Lions Club