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The Hijackers - Magic Bitch-45 Single-1978

Listeners forgive me for the quality!!!
Can some one Guide me to redo it!!

The Hijackers-[1968 to 1998]A Great Band From Cochin of Early Years of Rock in India,For Whom I, Rama Sethu [Known as Buster] was The First Qualified Sound/Lights Engineer through my company Customize Electronics.

The Group Consisted Of :

Late G.S.Harindhran The Lawyer Turned Businessman[Key Boards].Later on I and Hari were the first to Design Kala Bhavan Recording Studios.The Second regional Recording Studios After Singer Jesudos's Tharangani in Trivandrum .After Hari split from Father Abel,I designed the Hari Shree Recording Studios -The Second in Cochin and Third in Kerala for him in 1979.Hari went on to have Harishree Music Troupe,Mimicry Troupe,Drama, Films etc and killed himself drinking.I was saved,I sobered up in Sep 2,1992.

Jayan the Travel Agent[Vocals]Currently Retired and in Dubai was



Glen Gill Banks [Vocals]in Later Years. Currently in Norway as a Priest I think

Ravi The Lawyer [Rhythm Guitar].Still a Lawyer in Cochin.

Krishnan The Transport Owner [Drums].Currently enjoying retired life in Cochin.

John Anthony The Only Professional Musician[Lead Guitarist].Now in Chennai and the Maestro of ‘kARNATRiiX’.

Radha Krishnan The Classical Musician[Base Guitar].Currently a Music Director in Cochin.

And Captain B.K Iyer Alias Kuttan who also filled in blanks when both singers were missing.Still in Cochin feeling young and Playing Music with Youngsters in Hotels in Cochin.

Capt. Iyer has been part of this scene for more than 30 years now and has even done research on its history. He was earlier associated with bands like `Hijackers’ and `2B3C’, which incidentally, is the shortened version for “2 Brahmins and 3 Christians”. “Talent, a place to practice, good contract, thorough dedication, love for music and at least the bare minimum of instruments,” is what Capt. Iyer lists out as requirements to form a band.

The Band Played Only Covers Those Days.They didn’t have a Choice!!!

This is one of the Rare Recordings Done in “HMV” Recording Studios in Mount Road Chennai.

Recording was done by my Guru Mr.Raghu and assisted by Mr.Jolly Abraham, now doing Gospel Music

The Same came out as an H.M.V-45 RPM -Record-I think it was given away as complimentary copy to many people.

A few days back someone a Good Samaritan sent this to Johny via Mail.

It is my duty and Honor to upload it here.

May Hari’s soul rest in peace!!!!


1]This was recorded on a old Valve Mixture with a 4 Track 1/4 Inch Spool tape Recorder.Then sent to Calcutta for Waxing and then cut as a 45 RPM record.

2]I still remember the mixture and Ragu playing tricks on it.

3]I think after “Human Bondage”,"Hijackers" were the Second in India to release their own 45 RPM Record.

Thanks To Johnny once Again.You have set the trend on, let us see how many are going to send their collection of “Hijackers” live on stage!!!

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Find A Goal The Means Will Follow-M.K.Gandhi