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LBG -The Band

LBG have been around for about 6 years and is one of the pioneers of performing original music in Chennai. They performed at last 2 years of JRO (June Rock Out)where they released their full length album on July 10th 2005. They have sold over 700 Albums till date at the shows and over the Internet which has been received with rave reviews. Their musical influences range from blues to reggae to hard rock and jazz. "So we are not a metal monger type band and consider ourselves to be rock alternative."

After completion of numerous shows & tons of composing, LBG are planning to release their second album titled “Bad Children” by September 2006 which will be kicked off with a full India tour (Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkatta, Maybe somewhere in the North east, Cochin & Chennai).They are also in the process of story boarding a video and are looking to produce it soon.

"Standup & Rock" - The Hindu
"...warmed up, but it was the next band on stage — Little Babooshka's Grind — that really had everyone on their feet and gently head-banging, thanks to their individual style, which is strong on melody...."

"The Sitdown" - Deccan Chronicle
“… people were definitely not sitting down. Rather were dancing all over the place given the sheer enthusiasm of Little Babooshka’s Grind, playing originals from their upcoming second album…”

"One Night With LBG" - The Hindu
...LBG's success was a recent invitation to "Taj Coromandel presents ONE NIGHT with THE LBG". Their performance at Matchpoint explained why LBG is rated as one among the top bands in the country.

What is 'Babooskha'?
A Babooshka (Matryoshka) is a Russian nesting doll. A set of Matryoshka dolls consists of a wooden figure which can be pulled apart to reveal another figure of the same sort inside. It has in turn another figure inside, and so on. The number of nested figures is usually six or more....

What is LBG about?

5 Men who create and weave magic- Now after years of extensive hard work, innumerable shows, intense practice sessions, rock hard determination and suffering fools, LBG has reached a point where you just cant not notice. Having released their debut album, "This Animal is called the Wallet", the band realizes that spreading music means spreading the true message.

"We don’t care if people can’t accept our music because it doesn't sound like growling dogs banging your head with a ratchet or a cover that you can listen to from your mp3 collection"
Love uz, hate uz: we will not let you ignore uz!” - LBG

What you can expect at an LBG show?

Lots of high energy tunes complimented by an equally high energy performance. No talk of Satan, or death and destruction, we have enough of that in this world. This is music that has its own character matched by our in-your-face attitude of not perpetuating the lie that original music won’t get you anywhere.

“Write your own song”

Not playing covers- How we view it and how we can overcome this?

LBG understands that this has kept them away from bigger shows and bigger things, "but how long are we going to play other people's songs to prove that we are worthy? Who is the better band - Grateful Dead or Dream Theatre? Whose to judge?" says Arjun

" It just depends on the music you like and since there are not that many recognised “eclectic” rock platforms in the country the journey is that much harder, but the rock audience are becoming more and more open and that gives us the passion to rock on!!" - says Aum


The Rising South
The Rising South is a string of live performances that LBG has been/ will be organizing in and around Chennai originally started as a part of the band’s tsunami relief and now taking on a higher purpose to promote original music and original bands.

The Rising South concept essentially revolves around the idea of promoting meritorious original music and musicians distributed over South India. In the past a score of promo events had been organized in and around the city of Chennai and the concept is now ready to be taken on board a higher platform.

In keeping with recent trends among musicians and the mass audience represented by the ever increasing fan base for original Indian rock music, the Rising South provides the perfect dais for bringing excellent original music into the foreground and at the same time serve as a distinctive arena for sending out messages to the vast target audience which essentially consists of Indian youth between the ages of 18 and 30.


LBG is being backed by a professional Advertising Agency in Chennai called “MMU COMMUNICATIONS” which provides assistance in all promotional activities (PR, Hoardings, Poster Design, E-mailers, SMS Messaging, Newspapers Ads)for all our shows. We believe that it’s not just enough for a band to just come, play and then F@#k off… It’s a joint effort with the organizer to make sure that as many people come and watch the band performing. MMU communications also has an Events Division and is planning on starting a Record Label with the aim to reach music to the masses through all Major Music Stores in India.

"We pride ourselves on our ability to play originals and still put on an entertaining quality oriented act. Though not playing covers are a turn off for some organisers, we can assure you that all pro-cover organisers who have reluctantly put us on Concert Bills have been overwhelmed at the audience response and satisfaction. "

- Dheena (Manager)

LBG-The No Cover Band From Chennai India-Rocking On

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