Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Latest News On LBG

January 27th,

Republic Day 'FreedomJam', Pondicherry

After spending 2 months in the studio recording their 2nd Album 'Bad
Children' & 2 months of Gigging, The band was quite enjoying the peace and
quiet. BUT EVERYONE WAS READY TO ROCK once again when ‘Missing’ Maynard calls and says "Let's Play A SHOW".

LBG get booked by Pondicherry Tourism to perform by the port for 'Freedom Jam'.

The Department of Tourism had authorized 6 venues to be used to celebrate
republic day with music covering all genres ie: Indian Classical, Jazz & Rock.

It was an outdoor venue, Pretty big stage(when compared to the last venues), so
Lots of place to jump and that was something the band had been dying to do for a
long time. The other bands opening were Some Death Metal college band and 'Sevened'.

The show got delayed due to lack of crowd so only started at 8:00. The first
band played some Sepulture, Panthera & some of their own stuff. That’s when
whatever crowd that had come, started to leave. So the organizers had to ask
them to stop. The next band ‘Sevened’ were smooth covering Steely Dan, Rush,
Gary Moore & a couple of their originals.

So the crowd started coming back. NextUp was LBG all fired up to play a solid show. The crowd got instantly into the groove as LBG treated Pondy for the third time to Wrong & Revolution from the first album, followed by their 'Bad Children' set. After the 4th song LBG stray away from their set performing the much awaited song 'Money' (again from their first album).

The band was sadly informed that they could only play 2 more songs because it
was getting late and the cops were going to shut them down. It was then I saw
some one next to get up and go running towards the police. The Band played 2
songs Soma and had planned on ending with 2 Frequencies. It was during the song that the band Got the 'thumbs up' finish the set on one condition (from the
Cops) that 'Money' was played again (heh hehe Kick Ass!!). The request was
obliged and the Band finished their set, ending with everyone singing till the
last chorus!!